Vehicle Registry

Find information here about how to register a vehicle in Alberta.



*The Government of Alberta has eliminated mail out reminders for vehicle renewals*

For renewing a vehicle, please bring:

  • photo ID
  • valid insurance

If you would like to renew a vehicle on someone’s behalf, bring valid insurance and one of the following two options:

First-Time Vehicle Registration

For new vehicle registration, please bring:

  • bill of sale (must include the VIN, date, signatures of buyer and seller)
  • valid insurance
  • New Vehicle Information Sheet (NVIS) – only applies to brand new vehicles

Please note that the name on the bill of sale must match the name listed on the insurance policy. If the bill of sale is in two names, then the insurance must also have both names and you must come in together and register the vehicle jointly or have one party sign the Authorization for Vehicle Services form (must be opened in Adobe Acrobat).


Out of Province

All vehicles from another province must be inspected by a licensed mechanic in Alberta, prior to registering, UNLESS the vehicle is from BC, Saskatchewan or Manitoba and is 4 years old or less, counting the current year. New vehicles that are within 90 days from the date of purchase are exempt from the inspection process (coming from another Canadian jurisdiction or within Alberta).

  1. Bring in proof of ownership (e.g. bill of sale or out of province registration).
  2. Purchase an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection form at the Registry.
  3. Take form to licenced mechanic and have the inspection completed.
  4. The mechanic will supply a completed green form. This must be brought into the registry within 14 days of the inspection date.
  5. Bring in proof of ownership, green inspection form and valid insurance to register the vehicle in Alberta.

Out of Country

If you are importing a vehicle from outside the country, then Canada Customs will provide you with the additional documentation you require to register in Alberta (i.e. Form 1). For those wishing to import a vehicle from the US or other countries, you may find more information at the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. The rest of the steps are the same as above.

Intransit Permit

Intransit permits are available to move unregistered vehicles within Canada (not valid outside of Canada). If you are moving a vehicle within the province, valid insurance and identification are required. If you are moving a vehicle outside the province, valid insurance, proof of ownership and identification are required.

An intransit permit is valid from point A to point B. The physical address of both the start and end points are required. As well, the description of the vehicle including the make, model and VIN are required.

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